FURION heat pump pricelist

Because of the different VAT rates, depending on the intended use and total area of the building, all prices provided are net prices. The complex offer is based on project of the building or the calculated heat demand (OZC). Heat pump construction may be divided into three stages: ground source construction, boiler room construction, installation and commissioning of the heat pump.

The set includes the following pieces: heat pump with "Lazy Jo" driver, 700 l exchanger, material for ground source collector.

Model / heating kW

Collector pieces/meters Collector surface Net price of one set
FURION 7 2x75m +/- 200 m2 38 254 zł
FURION 9 3x75m +/- 300 m2 41 601 zł
FURION 11 4x75m +/- 400 m2 45 596 zł
FURION 14 5x75m +/- 500 m2 51 229 zł
FURION 18 6x75m +/- 600 m2 58 603 zł


The prices do not include:

  • ground source piping and drain burying - individual pricing
  • boiler room construction + materials - individual pricing
  • heat pump commissioning with operating medium - individual pricing.

Extra options:

  • Increasing capacity of the ground source collector with an extra loop -individual pricing,
  • Change of control system to: Thermogolv driver, colour touch panel, double tariff electricity meter - PLN 4900 (net).