FURION heat pump

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We prefer the old school way of crafting: quality and durability of our products last much longer than the warranty period ... 

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Are you fed up with a dirty boiler room, carrying coal and cleaning the furnace? Replace your furnace with a maintenance-free FURION heat pump and enjoy your free time.

Advantages of FURION heat pumps - find out what can you gain with us...

Our heat pumps will help you to avoid: excessive electricity bills, replacement of expensive wear and tear parts, unjustified maintenance services.


It consumes less electricity

Heating system equipped with FURION heat pump is characterised by high COP value. Efficiency of such system is 20% higher than in competitive solutions with glycol or ethanol, as it doesn’t include ground-source circulator pumps, which allows to reduce energy consumption. This leads to lower bills, even up to 25% per annum. Average COP per annum of the heating system is 4,7. Check the consumption online >


The best compressor

The core part of FURION is Copeland - ZH Scroll compressor, considered by many experts to be the best heat pump’s compressor in the world in terms of efficiency and reliability. It is characterised by a long service life (100,000 operating hours and 50,000 starts), which make it a real hard worker. In comparison with other scrolls, it achieves 20% higher COP values than other oil compressors.


No heater and no anode

We don’t use electric heaters to support operation of FURION. This allows to lower expenses on electricity. Size of the ground source is properly tailored to the power of the compressor, so there is no need to support it with a heater. Domestic hot water is continuously generated in FURION exchanger, which prevents from growth of legionella bacteria and eliminates the necessary for magnesium anode replacement in a tank.


No need for replacement of heating medium

Operating medium in FURION cooling system is R407c gas. The gas is incombustible and is not subject to aging processes, and there is no need for changing it in an airtight installation. In most heat pumps, where glycol serves as an operating medium, it is subject to aging processes and requires periodic replacement.


5-year warranty...

Heating system equipped with FURION heat pump doesn’t require maintenance services and is covered by 5-year warranty on cooling system. After this time period, you can call the service to carry out an inspection, yet it’s not necessary if there is no noticeable changes in operating of the heat pump. All remaining components, including electronics, are covered by 2-year warranty.


DHW 60C+...

Construction of the FURION exchanger allows domestic hot water to reach temperature of over 60 C only from the compressor, with no efficiency loss, with 20 l/min cold water flow. Amount of DHW in the 700 l exchanger is so significant that it allows to top up every bathtub. Because of high temperature of the DHW, we include burn valve protecting as a standard in the equipment of the boiler room.