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Heating system with FURION heat pump


Operating principles

FURION - direct steaming - direct condensation type heat pump. Its task is to heat your house and prepare domestic hot water. The cooling system runs from the compressor, through the exchanger to the ground source. It doesn’t include circulation pumps of the ground collector which allows to consume less energy. It is characterised by the highest heating rates. Efficiency of such heating system is approx. 25% higher than in other competitive brine-to-water type systems, which results in lower electricity bills.

FURION 9 heat pump heats a detached house of the area of 200 m2, built according to the “AKACJA 2 bez garażu” (no-garage version) project of Horyzont company. Temperature inside the building during the heating season ranges from 22,5C to 23,5C. DHW is prepared for five-member family.


A block diagram of measured FURION 9kW installation with underfloor heating. Temperature values in the diagram are shown live.